We want to make sure that you have a good experience in your home away from home.
Each city offers its own accommodation options* to meet your comfort and budget needs.

Halls of Residence

Halls of residence offer a range of rooms and prices to suit your budget.
Safe and secure residence options are conveniently located in each city and
are home to students from all over the world. Living in halls is your chance
to live independently and socialise with other international students while
you enjoy the city you’re studying in.

*Available in London, Birmingham and Nottingham


As our schools are located in multi-cultural cities, you can take the
opportunity to stay with families from different backgrounds. Here you will
be immersed in local culture and language by living in a family environment.
Homestay accommodation is a great place to practice your English outside
of the classroom. All homestay houses offer a clean and comfortable room
and different meal plans are available to meet your needs.

*Available in London, Birmingham and Nottingham

House Share

Share self-catered accommodation with students or young professionals
from around the globe. We’ll help you arrange the ideal flat share whilst meeting your
budget and location needs.

*Available in London


Manchester Overview


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