Our Teachers

Passionate, well-prepared and dynamic – that’s the best way to describe our teachers. They have all had CELTA or TESOL teacher training and many also possess, or are working towards a DELTA.

Communicative Approach

We mainly use inductive teaching approaches, also known as “inquiry” or “discovery” teaching. This means that the teacher is a guide, making it a more student-centered method. We call it our Communicative Approach and it is a mix of the following methodologies and approaches.

Task Based Learning

  • Students are given a task, problem, activity, or topic
  • Students work together on the task, and practise realistic language
  • They discover a particular language point through the language used to solve the task

The Lexical Approach

  • Students focus on understanding and producing frequently used fixed expressions as “chunks” or words that go together, such as “Could you tell me” and “That’s interesting!”
  • Grammar is analysed as vocabulary in a special pattern

Guided Discovery

  • The teacher provides examples
  • Learners find out the rules themselves
  • Teachers are facilitators




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