TLG launches new English, German and Spanish evening classes in London

London, 8 March 2017 – Adding to its flexible portfolio of options for learners with different backgrounds and needs, The Language Gallery (TLG) has launched three new evening courses in London.

Launched earlier this month, the evening language courses offer an inclusive solution to meet students’ language learning needs. The initiative sees TLG launch its first Spanish course, which is now available to students alongside its existing programmes – English for Work and General German.

Lea Aylett, Academic Director at TLG, said: “Flexibility has always been one of our strong points, especially for those looking to extend their knowledge but struggle to reconcile this with a full time occupation.”

“Our evening classes are designed for people who work during the day and so can’t commit to an intense series of lessons, our classes are shaped around the student to maximise the time at their disposal.”

The TLG evening courses include options for those interested in learning or perfecting their English, as well as helping English speakers to add a foreign language to their repertoire.

English for Work is for people who already work in English and wish to improve their skills, as well as those who are looking for employment and would benefit from a more specific knowledge of the language. The General German course looks to provide a solid base to master the language that can open many doors both academically and professionally, now a highly sought after resource in the job market.

But it is with the new General Spanish course that TLG really aims to widen its teaching horizons with a language that can help to improve both business and career opportunities, or even simply to enjoy travelling.

“A recent survey[1] on UK traveller’s habits showed that Spain is the most popular holiday destination,” noted Ms Aylett.

“Most importantly, the Spanish economy is now recovering from some difficult years and the development of new business opportunities for the immediate future has to be taken into consideration. With the uncertainty of the Brexit outcome, British employers and employees are starting to look at what can make them more competitive in the international markets. To learn a language spoken by more than 420 million people in the world would certainly benefit any business.” 

All programmes are delivered combining fun and interactive activities with more traditional teaching methods. Students can chose between a longer extended course and a short fast-track course on different days of the week, and count on supporting educational material.




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