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General Courses

The Language Galley offers English classes that helps students to develop their confidence when using English in a range of everyday and real-world situations. Additionally, studying in English-speaking cities also provide a unique experience to practice outside of the classroom and naturally develop the language capabilities.

Whether you are at an elementary or advanced level, a general course will improve your English skills and make sure you are ready for any English-speaking environment. The courses we have available make sure that you will be able to communicate more effectively at your university, workplace, or out and about in the city.

In both of our general English courses you will have homework at least three times a week, as well as regular reviews of previous lessons to strengthen your knowledge.

Our experienced and highly-qualified tutors will help you to gain a deep understanding of the content you study in class, whilst access to TLG Online will make sure that you get all the extra support you need.

General EnglishExplore the detailed description and learn more about the available courses:

A course built to develop the four communication skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking), on a supportive and interactive learning environment.

General business English classes to develop the language for professional context and enhance current and future job prospects.


General English

Our General English language course will help you improve your English communication skills and motivate you to progress as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or more advanced: our friendly and practical approach will help you learn English quickly and effectively. We want to make sure that you can communicate successfully using English in the real world, so we will give you all the practice and support that you need.

Business English

English has become the international language of business, so it’s always an advantage to be fluent in it. 
Our Business English language courses will help you achieve proficiency in English and communicate more effectively in an English-speaking workplace, gain the language skills you need to study business in the UK, or further your career progress.

These classes focus on teaching you the terminology you need to have conversations about current business issues; The communication skills you need for important situations such as presentations, discussions, meetings, negotiations, job interviews, telephone calls and socialising; How to write better emails, reports, and proposals.