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Business & Industry English 

The English for specific purposes courses teach particular language and vocabulary required in specific areas of industries. The Language Gallery offers a range of business language classes that can be chosen according to the relevancy and interest for someone's career.

Learning industry specific terminology will open many opportunities for you in English-speaking countries around the world as well as boost your career prospects in your chosen field.

Explore the large variety of courses we have available: 

If you are pursuing a career in the financial industry, take this class to learn the terms and phrases that you will need in the workplace.

From journalism to cinema, this class will teach you how to successfully communicate with others in the media.

This class is ideal for people who already have some training in law or are legal students. It will enhance your language skills and teach you the legal vocabulary that you will need to become successful.

On this course, students will learn the technical vocabulary needed to progress in the automotive industry.

Improve your communication skills in the oil and gas industry with this course, learning technical vocabulary and language.

Learn the terminology you’ll need to work in law enforcement with this class, ensuring that you can speak with confidence to others in the sector.

Ensure that you can become a successful engineer in an English-speaking country with this class, improving your knowledge of engineering vocabulary.