Third week in London for TLG winner Rosie

26 June, 2017
Erin O'Neill

Yeon Jin Chung, a.k.a Rosie has had another busy week in London. From sightseeing, exploring, and learning new words and phrases in English, there hasn’t been a dull moment as the TLG competition winner continued to explore the capital.


How to prepare for an English exam

23 June, 2017
Erin O'Neill

Exams are always a nerve wracking experience, and it’s completely normal to feel under pressure before sitting one. English exams come in many forms – listening, reading, writing, speaking – or a combination of one or more of these parts. Depending on which type of English test you’re going to be taking, you will revise in slightly different ways.

Week two in London for TLG competition winner

19 June, 2017
Erin O'Neill

TLG competition winner Yeon Jin Chung, a.k.a Rosie, has had a busy second week in London. Making the most of her four-week stay, Rosie has been visiting many places around the city, wanting to experience everything that it has to offer.


5 tips to make English learning fun

16 June, 2017
Erin O'Neill

Some people might not see English learning as the most exciting activity in the world – it can often feel like a chore, especially if you’re used to spending time in a classroom environment with your head in a textbook. There are, however, easy ways to liven up your learning experience. 

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