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TLG Juniors & Liverpool FC - press release

Do you speak football? Youngsters from across the world flock to Liverpool to brush up on their skills both on and off the pitch

Every year thousands of football fans from across the world make a pilgrimage to Liverpool in order to watch the side in action, but now budding stars from across the world are heading to the city for a different reason – to brush up on their English language skills. 

Liverpool FC’s partnership with The Language Gallery is drawing the attention of young football fans from around the globe. The youngsters travel to bespoke training facilities a short distance from the stadium to benefit from both the world-class training and tailor-made English courses, using the international understanding of the sport to help them master the language. 


Liverpool FC launch residential courses with The Language Gallery

Liverpool FC has joined forces with The Language Gallery to deliver a series of summer residential courses for young players aged 12-17.

Through this exciting partnership two types of programmes will initially be offered. English language and football residential courses will develop participants both in the classroom and on the pitch. The sports leadership and football programme will be delivered through a combination of workshops, seminars and interactive lessons to improve essential leadership skills important in both football and everyday life.


LSBF student discount programme re-launched and available for TLG students

LSBF student discount programme re-launched and available for TLG students

We are pleased to announce that TLG students are now able to access My Student Offers, an exclusive student discount programme offered by LSBF to students on its courses and at its partnered institutions across London.

The initiative gives students access to discounts from popular brands and services in the city, such as offers on travel, entertainment, and electronics.

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